Friday, May 24, 2013

Football Hat

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! Today´s item is good if you like football... And if you are a member.
I preffer soccer anyway. I don´t even know how to play american football. In my opinion, if a sport is so dangerous you need a helmet, then its too violent for me XD
Also, the HQ posted the news crew article:
Click to enlarge and read. Congratulations Fauna Theivy, whoever you are, but... Aren´t there jammers in the Summer Carnival complaining about the lack of no member items? I have seen a few.
Oh, and about Ainoa18´s AJ comic, probably we can publish the first three pages tomorrow. 
Also, you might have noticed I am no longer posting Daily Videos. Reason is, they take ages to upload so make my posts late.
So Jam on!


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  3. I agree about the ''football'' thing. I live in britain and we play rugby which you dont need a helmet, just shorts and tee shirt! And our football you kick the ball with your foot, makes more sence than with your hands.


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