Sunday, July 24, 2016


Hi ppl! So, guess what! My panda-obsessed sister now wants the Light-up panda AJ toy,she FINALLY wants to spend money!! I will get another 1,I suppose (99% the tiger). We found a quite good price (best price so far), condition:New, and we're ordering them (from eBay) from England, that means they will probably arrive TWICE as fast as they would arrive from the USA!! They'll probably arrive before I go to the camp :DDDDDD


Also, I made

So fab. I also <3 Zingerz.

Hehe, also...
 A few days ago, I were reading riddles. And I saw a riddle with the name...
''Flora killed several thousands'''



Oki, that's all ppl XD

Friday, July 22, 2016

Quick post...

XDDDDDDDDDDD I randomly found dis!!

Hehe, oki ppl, these are the new items:

We also hit 7194000 views, woo!

I also saw this on a trade list, the Squash Chair, which I think is unreleased.

Ok, that's all for today :P Bye!!

ps. I am trying to get a new wristband to give away. I don't want to give you storebought stuff, guys :3

Thursday, July 21, 2016


CAUTION--------------------DO NOT READ THE POST IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW HOW SLOTHS LOOK LIKE (although I am kinda late, but if you haven't played AJ yet...)


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Flufftastic new items and something random PLZ READ THIS POST oh nvm U WILL SEE THE RANDOMNESS IN MANY OTHER POSTS XD

Hoi jammerz of da beautiful land called ''Jamaa'' XD, these are da new items, which look fantastic, in my opinion:

So beautiful! But, AJHQ, it's not spring! These items look too springy, but they are neat so ok XD. Too bad they are member-only.... At least the stool should be non-member!

Lol, XD, now I remembered a funny person in Play Wild! So, while my sister peacefully was at a pool party (I don't remember its name XD) and an annoying wolf popped up. So she said the following things:

''The pretty girl lies on the towel'' (she was talking about herself)
''The pretty girl falls asleep''
''The pretty girl wakes up''
''The pretty girl goes for a swim''
Then another wolf came.
''The pretty girl crashes with the fine male''
''The pretty girl blushes''

But, WHO ON EARTH CALLS THEMSELVES ''PRETTY GIRL''? That sounds like ''What's your name'' ''Pretty Girl'' XD

-okay, maybe someone's name in Mars is pretty girl. I said ''on earth'' XD

Okay, now, something that is SO NOT AJ related, however it is kinda important for me. Oh, okay, not REALLY important but I'm trying to achieve something.

So, most of you have probably heard of Flipline Studios. But if you haven't...

Flipline Studios are a gaming company. Some of their games are Papa's Pancakeria, Papa's Bakeria and Jacksmith (mai fave <3). They actually are very popular, since 19-20 outta 21 classmates (my classmates) had played almost all of their games.
Every September, a pretty cool event takes place in Flipverse. The CUSTOMERPALOOZA, where 1 fan-made customer appears in the Papa Louie series. I entered thant competition 3 years in a row, and I LOST. Y?????
So, this year, PLZ HELP ME WIN!!
And, not for no reason at all....
You see, this year's submission will be some sort of AJ mascot! (You: ''do you even know what you're talking about?'' Me: XD)

Ehh, ok, so, vote for Flora! MAKE INTERNET GREAT AGAIN XDDDDD

O yas. I'm so gonna win XD
Naw, jk, I have to be REALLY early.Like, August 31th or September 1st. But I'll try :)
Just to know, if you decide to vote, this is my submission,Flora!
And this is her style B:
If Flipline allows us to submit it, of course!


Monday, July 18, 2016

Interview: Rares/scamming!


  • What is your rarest item?
  • For how long have you been playing Animal Jam?
  • If you saw a quite new jammer with a headdress on trade, what will your offer be?
  • What's your first thought when a rare buddy of you quits?
  • Would you scam someone if you had the chance?

Question 1: Jammer 1: Rare Spiked Wristband
Question 2: Jammer 1: 3 years
Question 3: Jammer 1: 4 non-member betas
Question 4: Jammer 1: none has quitted so far.
Question 5: Jammer 1: No, never

Question 1: Jammer 2: Rare Spiked Collar (yellow)
Question 2: Jammer 2: Beta Stage
Question 3: Jammer 2: 2 short collars and 1 beta
Question 4: Jammer 2: Sadness and anger
Question 5: Jammer 2: Never

Question 1: Jammer 3: Rare Viking Hat
Question 2: Jammer 3: early 2016
Question 3: Jammer 3: a beta,diamond shop black spike and diamond shop yellow spike
Question 4: Jammer 3: Anger
Question 5: Jammer 3: No

Question 1: Jammer 4: Elf TaIL
Question 2: Jammer 4: 3 years
Question 3: Jammer 4: a fair trade
Question 4: Jammer 4: Ask them why would they quit and try to change their mind
Question 5: Jammer 4: No, getting scammed is horrible

The following jammer wasn't asked to answer. I just found out what their answers would be, while jamming with a buddy in the pillow room!

Question 1: Jammer 5: Light Pink Headdress
Question 2: Jammer 5: ??
Question 3: Jammer 5: Some junky rares to make them believe they are better than their headdress
Question 4: Jammer 5: I wouldn't care. 
Question 5: Jammer 5: I already scam sometimes.

Ok, so these were some of the sentences they said... :

''I loaf my light pink more than you'' (they were talking to a buddy)
''I'm trying to get headdresses easily by trading bad rares''
''Idk about buddies''
''I got a spike for a necklace once XD''

I am not going to reveal their usernames because it doesn't matter.

Scam percentage: 20%

So 1 out of 5 Jammers is/could be a scammer :O

No, I don't necessarily mean THESE jammers! I mean a total of 5 RANDOM jammers!
Take Care!!

~Flora Cutegirl (Cuterebecca)