Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Short post :P

Hoi jams!
I'm really sorry I can't make a proper post, but I've got tons of exams lately :,(
For example, tomorrow we're having a History exam :cris:

So today's post is going to be pretty simple.

First, I would like you to know that I will soon start editing the animation, so, if you've made (or want to make) anything, let me know :D

Ok, I don't want this post to be too tiny. So here are some screenshots for you to see, lol XD

My profile pic, Christmas style!
O,o I'm pretty sure my sister sent this to Julian2 XD

Again,my sister's YT channel mascot, Jimmy XD

Last but not least, enjoy this spicy pup XD
Again, I'm really sorry, but let's hope that I'll be able to post this Friday, or probably tomorrow :D

And, the December surprise of the day:
Comment down your username, and I will use a random picker tool to pick someone. The person that will be chosen will receive a masterpiece of their main animal (or any other AJ animal they own if requested). I will use xxfuturamaxx to make the masterpiece :D


Friday, December 2, 2016

Flora the cookie finder!

Hoi jajajajajajams!!

Today, I'm here with another Flora Cutegirl comic :D

Some hours later...

Will Flora ever manage to find her cookies?

Also, I;m sorry, I weren't able to make any masterpieces because my computer was lagging (and still is), but, when I manage to make one, it'll be made on my account xxfuturamaxx :P


Thursday, December 1, 2016

Flora the excited koala :D

(now imma do one of those snazzy intros Swirlshine, Lostfairy and some other AJ bloggers do XD)
Me: (takes off hat and beard) No, it's just me, Flora :)
You guys: EVEN WORSE!!!!
Me: (cri)

Anyways jammers, this special intro really does mean something.


I can't make a big post right now, but tomorrow I will be hosting a MASTERPIECE GIVEAWAY by the one and only FLORA CUTEGIRL (guys I'm SO not bragging XD),made on my original user Cuterebecca or my other original user xxfloracutegirlxx!! Or, some other AJ of mine.... XD
Also, I'll be making a December special as well, so STAY TUNED :D

Btw, check dis form for the Christmas (flipline or AJ) animation if you can! All ideas are welcome, but, if you have any suggestions, of course, try suggesting stuff for both :D
Here is the link: Animation Form :P

Cya tomorrow!!

Monday, November 28, 2016

RIM and Christmas animation?!

Hoi jammmmz!!

This is today's RIM, which is AWEEESOMEEE!
It might be quite expensive, but it is non-member, quite creative and Christmas-themed!


Also, :drum roll guy drum rolls:

Drum roll guy: k.

Also, I am about to start making a Christmas Flipline animation! Ok, I haven't started making it yet XD

So here is...
:drum roll:

A TUTORIAL!!1!!!111!!

(Everyone else: so...exciting)

Lol, here is my SUPER FUN ANIMATING TUTORIAL! Let'g get started!
I've also made a form for this. So here's what you have 2 do:
Field 1. Username: Your AJ Username
Field 2. Ideas: Type down your ideas, or simply type ''no'' or something like that.
Field 3. Upload files: You can upload up to 6 files (2 MB). If you want to upload a video, split it into smaller parts :P


First, make this:

(you can use this as a room template)

Make some objects:
Color properly in order to make your room look 3D:
(I forgot to color the spectacular poster in this room. Also the bed looks like an old matchbox, but HEY NOTHING IS PERFECT DON'T FORGET THAT THERE'S PIZZA IN THIS ROOM XD)

You can also make areas such as forests, beaches etc.:

Here is the link for the form. By using this, you can send me text such as a few stories for the Christmas animation, pictures and small videos:
Ideas Form :D

That's all for today! Cya!!

Friday, November 25, 2016

No item again D:

Hoi jams.
The title says it all 💣

But Wednesday's item was pretty cool! (the maple leaf skirt)

Anyways, DO NOT FORGET to get the message-in-a-bottle present, today's surprise is a diamond :D

Lol, since AJHQ didn't release any items today, you know what this means...


Ok, so first, here is a Cosmo outfit I made:

Ok, more like a Cosmo fangirl outfit. I generally don't fangirl but Cosmo is my favorite Alpha XD

My entry for an AJ meme contest on YouTube:
Much beauty XD

And, finally, a few cute GIFs XD

Cya :D

(edit: the link for floranimations: